Anxiety and Depression

The anxiety spiral by Marc Handelman, PhD

Anxiety can spiral out of control; it might start with just a bit of anxiety and then you become extremely anxious about being so anxious. You may have difficulty concentrating, feel restless, worried,  have panic attacks, or feelings of impending doom. Therapy for anxiety may involve working through the issues which underlie the experience of anxiety, more than simply addressing the physiological and cognitive components. It’s important to note that anxiety and depression frequently occur together and psychotherapy needs to address both. Continue reading →

Anxiety plus depression by Marc Handelman, PhD

Anxiety and depression are often experienced together — the low energy, hopelessness, and despair associated with depression, and the fear, panic, and agitation associated with anxiety. Most forms of anxiety and depression improve with psychotherapy and counseling, and in some cases, antidepressant medication is helpful in relieving the acute symptoms. In cases where the symptoms are not life-threatening, a person’s feelings about the use of medication should be respected. Continue reading →

Depression: Struggling in the dark by Marc Handelman, PhD

Depression may be characterized by an inability to experience pleasure; lethargy, sadness, lack of motivation; and feeling unengaged in life, disconnected, and uninterested in being involved with others. Telling someone to simply “snap out of it” indicates a lack of understanding of the nature of depression. Beliefs about the causes of depression are important, because they inform the way we think about treatment and therapy for people who suffer with depression. From my perspective, psychotherapy must always begin with an understanding of the depressed person’s experience. Finding a meaningful way of understanding your experiences may provide comfort, even if the “causes” are ongoing. Continue reading →

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Anxiety and Depression
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