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CBT and the Zeitgeist

CBT is a popular therapeutic style, now. The fad. In my view, lasting change of an important type cannot come from such goal-directed, externally-driven exercises. CBT relies on a logical and linear system, and in my experience, people in fact act globally and their actions represent the final common pathway that grows out of a gestalt of their drives, desires, needs, and unconscious and conscious processes. True change arises from an appreciation of complexity. Lasting change involves integration of different aspects of your personality, of understanding why you do things, of unfolding and deepening your understanding of yourself. Effective work with a good therapist involves facilitating change, not directing it. Continue reading

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Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and Social Workers

What are the differences between psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers? If you are considering psychotherapy, you may be wondering about this question. Although all three may do psychotherapy, their training is quite different, and this may have important implications for … Continue reading

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